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Meet The Team



Hey, I'm Collin. I'm an avid soccer player, father of two boys, and your local rock chip repair expert.

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Justin here. I'm an outdoor enthusiast and love to travel the world. Always happy to help fix your windshield!


1. Question: Will the rock chip disappear when you fix it?

Answer: No. It will look much better, but you will usually still be able to see it a little bit. What matters is that it is sealed so that it doesn't spread.

2. Question: Do you warranty the work?

Answer: Yes! If any chip spreads after the service we will give a full refund for the job. If it was done through the insurance, we will refund them.

3. Question: Is my chip bad enough to fix?

Answer: Best answer would usually be yes. Its just better to get a chip fixed than to pay for a new windshield down the road. But a great way to tell is if it has small "legs", or any type of "ripples| beneath it.

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